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Week 8 Part 1

I currently use Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as my three main sources of networking, although Twitter is really more for personal use.


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Instagram is essentially what started my business. I made an account when I was 14 and began using it for personal use. When I was 16, I started posting recipes and food related content on my Instagram, which quickly helped me gain followers. It was right around the time that veganism took off, so many people were interested in my own personal journey with being vegan. I would share recipes and workouts, my own thoughts and photos. I began to gain a following. I then decided to have two accounts - one that was just for my food content, and the other for my own personal use. Since then I have yo-yo'd around with having two accounts and then just having one and back again, but now I have one main account, where I post basically everything.

Followers: 24k

I am pretty inconsistent with po…

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